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Make sense of the discussion to uncover latent topics and concepts. With Sentiment Analysis, understand customer experiences. Use Entity detection to identify a wide range of entities such as person and company names, email addresses, dates, and locations. auto summarise long texts, identify / redact sensitive content

Explore unstructured data with interactive charts

Dirk can lend strucuture to your unstructured text data enabling you to visualise and analyse the content effectively.

Uncover discussion topics and concepts with NLP

Mine latent topics and concepts in your text data using sophiscated mining and topic modelling algorithms

Analyse data with help of domain specific taxonomies

Develop hierarchial taxonomies to capture context specific domain knowledge and lend strucuture to your text data. Dirk helps you to Create, Import and Develop taxonomies

Guage user sentiment with NLP

Undestand the pain points and positive experiences with help of sentiment and emotion analysis

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