Increase in total win rate

Help your sales team win more business with dynamic battlecards. And predictive modelling for customer acquisition, retention, upsell and cross sell across your portfolio of products.

Segmentation and Territory alignment

Create hundreds of granular segments with Simpl insight discovery solutions, including a robust single customer view and predictive customer analytics.

Implement a scalable workflow

tools make it possible to sift through mountains of data in much quicker time. AI-powered systems build on top of these tools to generate helpful insights and reach the right customers at the right time

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Connected Market Intelligence

Collect, curate, and deliver market intelligence across every business unit.

Sales Territory Planning

Map field sales team and accounts leads for effective territory planning visually and collaboratively

Create data selections for campaigns

Filter data by multiple criteria to create data selections for sales and marketing campaign data.

Dynamic Pivots

Analyse business portfolio by segmenting data across different parameters

Interactive Data Visualisation

Visualise and analyse data with interactive charts.